Alicia Reyes McNamara’s Ornate Paintings and Sculptures

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Alicia Reyes McNamara creates ornate sculptures and paintings that weave elements of Latin American folk art and mythology into dreamlike, multi-layered works of art. Deeply influenced by her upbringing in a Mexican American community and her later travels throughout South America, Reyes McNamara explained that her Latina identity is a major focal point of her work. “[My] memories whether embellished, diluted, or sincere remain as truths in a history. I am interested in the fine line between memory and imagination within our personal and cultural mythologies,” she wrote in her artist statement. Many of the figures she sculpts and paints are embellished with smaller images that function like hieroglyphics, giving with the work a narrative quality through the added symbolism.

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