Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 Recap Part 2

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Photo courtesy of Cyrcle

Today, we bring you our final round-up of highlights from Pow Wow Hawaii. The street art festival, which ran in Honolulu February 8 through 15, featured a wide variety of artists from different backgrounds. Artists like Kofie, Cope2 and Apex, whose current work evolved from old school graffiti, painted beside street art innovators like Ron English, Vhils, Insa and Roids (the last two artists’ collaborative mural was altered by hand every day to create a GIF after the week of painting), as well as too many established and emerging artists to count. If you missed any of our Pow Wow 2014 coverage, check out our special features on murals by James Jean, Kofie, Nychos and Buff Monster, Tristan Eaton and Wayne White, and see the Pow Wow Hawaii 2013 Recap Part 1 here. Now that the festival is over, take a look at our final photo recap below.

Cyrcle’s work in progress


Ron English


Dave Kinsey


Skinner, Aaron Glasser and Spencer Keeton Cunningham

Spencer Keeton Cunningham painting

Aaron Glasser painting

Collaboration with Andrew Schoultz and Hannah Stouffer

Hannah Stouffer adding final touches to her mural

Andrew Schoultz detail

Nychos and Buff Monster


Reka painting


Jessie and Katey

Jessie and Katey painting

Brendan Monroe putting final touches on his collaboration with Glenn Barr



Insa and Roids

Tatiana Suarez and Angry Woebots

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