Pow Wow Hawaii 2014: Tristan Eaton

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

With a background in both graffiti and toy design, LA-based artist Tristan Eaton combines illustration elements in his bold, collage-like murals. The street art festival Pow Wow Hawaii wrapped up this past weekend in Honolulu, and over the course of the six days of painting, we tracked Eaton’s progress as he tackled an enormous wall. Eaton created a silhouette — which looms over passersby down below like an exaggerated shadow — filled with with figurative elements that add up to an almost abstract composition. From mid-century-inspired illustrations to baroque patterns, the various pieces that make up the complete work were executed entirely freehand with spray paint, without the use of stencils. Take a look at some photos of the making of the mural below.

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