Studio Visit with Winnie Truong

by Scott BaileyPosted on

Shaping and managing hair is both a primal and highly refined part of civilization. Whether it is the never-ending battle of removing unwanted follicles or the daily routine of sculpting beautiful locks, it is an ever-present and universal part of the human experience. In the contemporary art world, few artists have illuminated all of the emotions surrounding hair quite like Winnie Truong (whom we featured on the cover of Hi-Fructose Vol. 22).

Using colored pencils, Truong creates characters who become overtaken by overgrown tresses, bringing out the issues of managing and even being defined by hair and the burdensome beauty standards that come with it. Recently, Hi-Fructose got the chance to visit with Truong at her Toronto studio. When we arrived, she was busy getting ready for a group show at Copro Gallery in Los Angeles and a solo opening on April 15 at Gallery B15 in Copenhagen.

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