Surreal Sculptures Emerging from Raw Blocks of Wood by Dan Webb

by Danny OldaPosted on

One thing that is especially clear about the work of artist Dan Webb is that he enjoys sculpting.  Working with a raw block of wood, Webb seems to cull images and objects directly out of the material.  He often leaves large portions of the wood unaltered providing some insight into his process.  He says in his statement: “Like probably every artist out there, my intention is simply to make the stuff that I would most like to see. For me that means making objects most of the time, because making objects strikes me as badass. Furthermore, it means carving a lot of those objects, because carving strikes me as being extra badass.  And that really about does it for any kind of artist statement.”  Of course, Webb goes on to say much more about his medium and has given it considerable thought.  Still, the above quote and his work reveal the joy from the simple act of carving.

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