The Otherworldly and Wildly Detailed Paintings of Mario Martinez

by Danny OldaPosted on

Artist Mario Martinez, also known as Mars-1, creates overwhelmingly detailed otherworldly paintings. Martinez’ work seems to capture alien space-scapes or complex biological structures.  Not a single detail appears to be missing. To tell the truth, though, while shapes and patterns feel familiar not a piece is terrestrial.  His paintings work at the edge of being understood, the border between natural and foreign.  Similarly, the paintings seem to explore ideas such as physics and architecture as well as spirituality and the supernatural.  If you like the work of Mario Martinez be sure to check out Hi-Fructose Collected Vol. 2 – he’s one of several awesome artists featured in the hardcover collection.

Mars-1 and Brendan Monroe

Mars-1 and Brendan Monroe (detail)

Mars-1 and Alex Grey

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