Bernard Ammerer’s Energetic Paintings

by Victoria Casal-DataPosted on

Austrian painter Bernard Ammerer combines the aesthetic of classical landscape with that of urban spaces. For Ammerer, highways, streets and their pedestrians are the new sublime. Instead of the picturesque empty, staged space of the idyllic Romantic landscape, Bernard takes everyday life as his own way to reflect upon contemporary life and its magic, or lack thereof. His work offers a washed-out color palette and structural drafting lines which are contrasted by the frenetic pedestrians depicted on the monotonous roads.

The energetic youngsters, whose bodies are always in movement, pose an interesting question for the viewer: Why are they always shown in the act of running away? In a subtle way, Ammerer might be reflecting on life as we know it: a fast-paced, saturated urban life that looks glamorous but feels stressful. Running away, or getting stuck, might just be a natural outcome of our current state of being.

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