Preview: “Reverse Engineered” Group Show at Hellion Gallery and Antler Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

True creativity is not defined by a specific medium. Chances are, an artist who is proficient in one type of art making could come up with something interesting with whatever materials you left him or her with on a desert island. For their upcoming exhibition, “Reverse Engineered,” Hellion Gallery decided to test how an individual’s aesthetic translates with different materials. The gallery is collaborating with fellow Portland art space Antler Gallery on a group show that demonstrates the multifaceted creativity of a small group of artists. AJ Fosik, J Shea, Souther Salazar, Troy Coulterman, Michael Alm and Yosakay Yamamoto will debut sculptural works at the opening of “Reverse Engineered” at Hellion Gallery this Thursday, February 6. The second chapter of the exhibition opens at Antler Gallery on February 27 and will include 2D works that complement the sculptures. Take a look at our preview of the first part of the exhibition below.

J. Shea

Troy Coulterman

Yoskay Yamamoto

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