On View: Sage Vaughn’s “Nobody’s Home” at Lazarides

by Roxanne GoldbergPosted on

Nature and the domestic sphere comingle in Sage Vaughn’s ethereal artworks that evoke a sense of nostalgia and serenity. In his current solo exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone in London, “Sage Vaughn: Nobody’s Home,” Vaughn sets birds within empty living rooms and deserted kitchens, and superimposes butterflies onto hollow crowds and lonely individuals, to investigate the phrase “nobody’s home.”

In the corner of a living room, birds interact with one another, perched upon an Alexander Calder mobile. The lamp, couch, and coffee table books below are rendered in muted shades of grey and blue, while the creatures and artwork are depicted in the foreground in bright oranges. Vaughn places the creatures and their resting place on a greater hierarchical scale than man’s seat of comfort. The same effect is created with clothing hangers as substitutes for tree branches. In other artworks, dozens of colorful butterflies fly with a sense of vibrant energy across anonymous crowds. Paint drips from butterfly wings, seeping into the bleak scenes and brightening the characters’ everyday existences. After gazing at Vaughn’s enchanting artworks, the viewer begins to search for the vivacity and color in even the most dull and dark aspects of daily life. Vaughn shows us that no space is ever empty.

Sage Vaughn’s “Nobody’s Home” will be on view through March 1.

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