Mark Khaisman Creates Realistic Portraits Using Packing Tape

by Danny OldaPosted on

Artist Mark Khaisman is what you could call a figurative artist working in a unique medium.  Khaisman uses packing tape to create portraits and occasionally images of various objects.  By utilizing the tape’s transluscent quality, he carefully applies layers of the material on a clear acrylic sheet.  Once his piece is completed it is back lit and exhibited.  In his statement, Khaisman says of his chosen medium:

“By superimposing layers of translucent tape, I play on degrees of opacity that produces
transparencies highlighted by the color, shading, and embossment. There are some qualities of tape that make it unique for me as an art material: its banality, humbleness and its “throwaway” nature; its default settings of color and width; its unforgiving translucency; the cold and impersonal attitude that tape surface suggests.”

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