Ben Heine’s “Pencil vs. Camera” Photo Series

by Elizabeth MaskaskyPosted on

“Pencil vs. Camera” is a series by Belgian multidisciplinary artist Ben Heine that combines photography and drawing to infuse ordinary scenes with new surreal, visionary, or romanticized narratives. Of his work, Heine says “I just make art for people. I want them to dream and forget their daily troubles… each new creation should tell a story and generate an intense emotion, like a poem, like a melody.” The scenes Heine chooses to depict display a passion for nature, for human interactions, and, above all, for ability of the imagination to create new fantastic possibilities. In some of the pieces, Heine’s hand can be seen holding up an illustration to a photo, while in other works his whole body appears. Either way, the presence of the artist is always strongly felt in the work.

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