Alex Konahin’s Intensely Ornate Illustrations

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Armed with an arsenal of dip pens, Alex Konahin attacks the page with a fury of feather-like shapes and vine-like lines, creating graceful, symmetrical patterns entirely by hand. While the artist often lends his penchant for patterns to figurative illustrations, his style works equally well for abstract drawings where the baroque flourishes expand across the page and into infinity.

In Konahin’s “Anatomy” series, he draws isolated human organs. What could be a morbid image of intestines becomes intricate and poetic, each crevice of the gastric system flooded with ornate designs. For his “Little Wings” series, Konahin loads heavy patterns onto dragonflies and butterflies, making these light insects seem heavy, like pieces of antique metalwork. His Tumblr chronicles his work from start to completion, often in GIF form, to show the painstakingly-detailed nature of his process. See more of Alex Konahin’s work below.

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