The Personal Illustrated Characters of Ahmed Sidky

by Danny OldaPosted on

The illustration work of Ahmed Sidky draws from many influences but focuses on characters.  Sidky’s work is influenced by skateboard culture and street art as well as pop-culture and music.  These characters, artwork from his recent solo exhibit “The Late Great Nobody”, are drawn with a clean and confident line but not spared any details.  Despite the design and illustration style there is something personal about each piece.  It nearly seems that Sidky explores a frame of mind or aspect of his personality with each character.  He says in his statement, “The characters I draw are the manifestation of my many moods and thoughts as of late. In my explorations I have learned things about myself that may have been dormant or perhaps suppressed. Art is my therapy in many cases as I tend to rely on it to guide me through my heart and mind and teach me to accept myself for who I am as a person.”

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