Ma Jing Hu Explores Contemporary Issues with Classical Techniques

by Victoria Casal-DataPosted on

Ma Jing Hu, a Chinese artist based in Nanjing, creates realistic paintings of classical beauty and Chinese political upheaval in contemporary times. His works are not quite hyperrealistic; instead, they recall a realism existent in the flat, brushstroke-free styles of the Neo-Classical and Baroque periods. In addition to his technical preferences, Ma also opts for a classical portrayal of his female subjects. You might notice that the women are rendered with veils in their heads or draped, neo-classical dresses. Some are nude, but they still embody Ma’s stylistic predilections.

These works, however, are never to be mistaken for old paintings. Ma makes sure to always include details that read “contemporary,” such as body piercings or cars and power plants in the background. The themes vary: Some of the works are portraits, and some are scenes of what seem to be historical events. He captures Chinese history through these grand Western styles found in early European history paintings.

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