On View: Curiot and Nosego’s “Unknown Elements” at Thinkspace

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Two painters with complementary practices, Curiot and Nosego attempt to access elusive, mystical elements through their work. Both artists — who specialize in rendering deified creatures whose bodies are composed of various natural and even metaphysical forms — draw as much from Native American imagery as they do cartoons and low brow art. Curiot and Nosego currently have a two-person show at Culver City’s Thinkspace titled “Unknown Elements,” on view through December 21.

Curiot’s work is architectural, breaking down and building back up figurative elements within block-like structures. Meanwhile, Nosego’s paintings shimmer with a celestial glow as different shapes appear to spill into one another like technicolor potions. Despite the stylistic differences, both Curiot and Nosego’s work inherited the loud playfulness of early skateboard graphics and graffiti characters, spinning these influences into two contemporary styles that look into the future even as they apprehend elements of the ancient past. Take a look at some images from “Unknown Elements” below.



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