Preview: Femke Hiemstra and John Brophy at Roq La Rue

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Tonight, Seattle’s Roq La Rue will open two side-by-side solo shows: John Brophy’s “Breaking the Spell” and Femke Hiemstra’s “The Timid Cabbage.” A continuation of her previous series of “Timid Cabbage” graphite drawings, Hiemstra plunges into a world of animate vegetables with spiritual inclinations. A hallmark of her work, the characters experience religious revelations and divine interventions that punctuate the depictions of their mundane world. Brophy’s “Breaking the Spell” also explores spiritual themes but through a digital lens. Brophy’s oil paintings are rendered in a vividly three-dimensional style that makes them akin to digital renderings. The glowing, hologram-like characters interact with ancient goddess symbols and elements of pagan ritual. Brophy’s commentary on consumer culture becomes apparent when logos and dollar signs appear on the characters’ skin. “Breaking the Spell” and “The Timid Cabbage” will be on view through January 4. Take a look at more some work from the two shows below.

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