Basel Week: Faile’s “Deluxx Fluxx” Arcade Installation

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

A departure from the formal affair of the Basel Week art fairs, Brooklyn-based duo Faile debuted an interactive installation last night in Miami Beach titled “Deluxx Fluxx.” A hallucinatory arcade designed by the artists contained a hodge podge of posters wheatpasted floor-to-ceiling — a barrage of imagery that evoked propaganda art, fairy tales and punk rock posters. The artwork on the walls of the first room was all strictly monochromatic, but Faile designed colorful video games and pinball machines (even the games themselves were part of the art) that illuminated the room with a digital glow. In the second room of “Deluxx Fluxx,” neon posters shone under the backlight, wheatpasted floor-to-ceiling like in the previous room. The sensory overload of visual and tactile stimuli allowed viewers to break away from the traditional gallery format and lose themselves as they took in the artwork or competed in psychedelic foosball matches.

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