Alan Sailer’s Photo Series Freezes Explosions in Time

by Victoria Casal-DataPosted on

Alan Sailer, a microwave engineer and photographer, creates remarkable photographs that capture, with incredible precision, the explosion of several objects as he shoots them with a pellet rifle. Sailer takes all of his photographs at home in his garage using a micro-second guided spark flash, which he builds himself using information he has reaserched througout his career as an engineer. Alan uses a Nikon D90 for most of his shots; the flash unit cost him about $300 to build. Sailer’s “Moment of Impact” includes toys and processed foods, amogst other mundane objects. The impressive and colorful images are rather surreal in their composition. Although exciting to look at, the series of images evokes a sense of doubt and concern as to what these objects are truly made of.

Photos via TwistedSifter

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