Megan Mosholder’s Thread Installations Give Life to Disused Structures

by Roxanne GoldbergPosted on

Megan Mosholder lights, and ties twine to revive abandoned spaces, while also drawing attention to architectural geometries set within natural landscapes. In Hilton Head Island, SC, Mosholder bound 15,000 feet of nylon cord, hand painted with an electrifying blue glow-in-the-dark paint, to corners of a dilapidated barn. The spaces are sheltered within an interior overhang, while also being exposed to the elements. At night, the unearthly glow of a black light illuminates the dreamlike webs, creating tension between the natural outdoors and the synthetic materials. In Wassaic, NY, Mosholder used pinks, reds, and yellows to illuminate sweeping, vortex-like patterns of twine that appear to support the Luther Barn, a dark structure recently converted into an artist residency after being abandoned due to foreclosure.

Like the Hilton Head and Wassaic installations, A Tale of Two Bridges in Savannah, GA transformed a once broken and forgotten space. Here, alien-green lines swallow rectangular windows on opposing walls, narrowing until the strings meet in the middle of the ceiling. One feels as if he is under the roof of a raised tent. With the use of simple materials, Mosholder creates a sense of weightlessness, effectively lifting heavy, fractured structures, and making room for new life.

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