Basel Week Preview: PULSE and Miami Project

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Kent Williams for 101/exhibit (LA/Miami) at Miami Project

Earlier this week, we brought you sneak peeks of Scope, Art Basel Miami Beach, and a round-up of Context, Aqua and Art Miami. This week we finish off our Basel Week previews with a look at what to expect next week at PULSE and Miami Project. At Miami project, 101/exhibit boasts work from Kent Williams and Colin Chillag, both painters who use realist techniques to different ends. Joshua Liner Gallery will have work from graffiti-artist-turned-sign-painter Steve Powers and abstract, design-oriented paintings by Geoff McFetridge. Laura Ball, with her detailed watercolor paintings of animals, will be among the artists exhibiting with David B. Smith Gallery.

At PULSE, Martha Otero Gallery will have work from interdisciplinary artist James Jean as well as paper sculptor Jen Stark. Jonathan LeVine Gallery’s booth will include work from Jeremy Geddes, whose masterful paintings of collisions and explosions transmit a sense of vertigo, as well as Masakatsu Sashie’s paintings of a post-apocalyptic future. Mirus Gallery will give us a look at Jamie Treadwell’s fluorescent surreal paintings and Sandra Chevrier’s comic book portraits, among other artists. Take a look at our previews of both shows below and stay tuned for reports from the art fairs when Hi-Fructose goes to Miami next week.

Miami Project:

Colin Chillag for 101/exhibit (LA/Miami)

Geoff McFetridge for Joshua Liner Gallery (NYC)

Richard Colman for Joshua Liner Gallery (NYC)

Stephen Powers for Joshua Liner Gallery (NYC)

Riusuke Fukahori for Joshua Liner Gallery (NYC)

Christina Empedocles for David B. Smith Gallery (Denver, CO)

Laura Ball for David B. Smith Gallery (Denver, CO)

Wyatt Mills for SVA Galleries (NYC)

Paul Anthony Smith for ZieherSmith (NYC)


James Jean for Martha Otero Gallery (LA)

Jen Stark for Martha Otero Gallery (LA)

Jeremy Geddes for Jonathan LeVine Gallery (NYC)

Alex Gross for Jonathan LeVine Gallery (NYC)

Masakatsu Sashie for Jonathan LeVine Gallery (NYC)

Kevin Cyr for Jonathan LeVine Gallery (NYC)

Richard Colman for New Image Art (LA)

Fu Ray for Eight Modern (Santa Fe, NM)

Jamie Treadwell for Mirus Gallery (San Francisco, CA)

Jamie Treadwell for Mirus Gallery (San Francisco, CA)

Sandra Chevrier for Mirus Gallery (San Francisco, CA)

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