The Surreal and Detailed Ink on Paper Drawings of LNY

by Danny OldaPosted on

LNY, or Lunar New Year, is another artist as comfortable on paper as he is on the street.  While his meticulous and detailed lines are impressive as street murals, his style seems especially at home on paper.  These ink and paper pieces seem to capture an unfolding narrative, as if illustrations for some modern myth or folk tale.  Once on paper, though, these piece are not yet at their final destination.  While many become prints, some still make it to the street as wheat pastes.  LNY explains the impetus behind his work and name saying, “I am an artist and an interloper making free art in public space about people and for people. My desire to work under an alias is a reflection of the importance of this narrative; my work is not about me as a single person but about us as a human society.”

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