Preview: “Lacrima Aquarium, Focus on Chris Berens” Presented by Dorothy Circus Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

During the group show “Lacrima Aquarium” (see a preview here) at Acquario Romano/Casa Dell’Architettura in Rome, Dorothy Circus Gallery will shine a spotlight on the work of Chris Berens with a special portion of the exhibition dedicated to the Dutch artist. Curated by Alexandra Mazzanti of Dorothy Circus Gallery and Georgio de Finis, the exhibition explores the mythology of ice queens, water nymphs and tragic heroines who long for the sea. Berens’s work is complementary to the rest of the group show in both style and subject matter. His paintings evoke a melancholy solitude also visible in the works of Ray Caesar and Kwong Kyungyup in the remaining portion of “Lacrima Aquarium.” Berens’s figures appear light and airy, like clouds of ink floating in water. While “Lacrima Aquarium” opens December 6, Chris Berens’s solo exhibition will be on view December 14 through February 4.

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