Marc Eliezer Rubin’s New Installation, “Lost & Found”

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

The inner child is a concept often thrown around in conversations about therapy and psychology as an embodiment of unhealed traumas from our early years. Installation artist Marc Eliezer Rubin created a new, immersive work titled “Lost & Found” that allows viewers to rediscover a childish feeling of wonder. Viewers peer through a picture frame to discover a strange room populated by biomorphic growths, enchanted butterflies and otherworldly, worm-like flora.

However, the installation is more Pan’s Labyrinth than it is Alice in Wonderland. The whimsical elements are accompanied by an air of mysticism and even danger. The viewer’s face is projected on a child figure opening a door in another corner of the room — an uncanny element that could be soothing or disturbing, depending on who you ask. “The piece explores the sensation of discovering the things we lost but didn’t know we possessed till we lost them, finding and losing elements of our lives simultaneously,” Rubin wrote to Hi-Fructose in an email. Check out some photos of “Lost & Found” below.

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