Mariano Sardon’s “Morphologies of Gaze” Series

by Victoria Casal-DataPosted on

Mariano Sardón’s “Morphologies of Gaze” series was created by using metrics and self-made software to trace the pupil movements of several subjects as they were shown a portrait. The pieces you see here are the product of both the original portrait and the information gathered. The two components re-form the portraits, as the final product, shown on a digital screen, literally renders the public’s gaze while looking at a face. By capturing the form and structure of a gaze, Sardón creates interesting imagery that makes us reconsider the ways in which we look at things.

Crafting both the software and hardware himself, Sardón explores the interconnected relationships between technology, science and art. By examining the human body’s relationship to modern technology and science, Sardon’s works function as prototype cybernetic interfaces, elucidating the boundaries of the physical and the digital.

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