Inside the Studio of AJ Fosik

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

While the fantasy creatures in AJ Fosik’s wood sculptures are known to be ferocious, for his latest solo show, “Against the Infinite,” Fosik has created a new body of work that deals with beasts at odds with themselves. Inspired by Ernest Becker’s book The Denial of Death, Fosik’s work deals with the feeling of invincibility and the human impulse to fight our own mortality. The new wall-mounted works and free-standing sculpture depict toothy predators with two or more heads battling out their internal conflicts. As Fosik prepared for “Against the Infinate,” which opens at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York this Saturday, November 23, Matt Wagner visited his Portland studio to document the progress of his new work over the course of the past year. Check out Wagner’s photos below to get some insight into the demanding process behind Fosik’s new sculptures.

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