Fernando Gomez Balbontin’s Haunting Depictions of Car Wrecks

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

In his series “Thoughts About Life and Death,” Chilean artist Fernando Gomez Balbontin renders fatalistic car wrecks. Though he doesn’t show any gore or violence, we can tell how this story ends by examining the mangled metal wreckage. Out of the rubble, spiritual entities seem to emerge. In one work, a cloaked, Grim Reaper-like figure appears like a personification of death, in another, yellow-clad maintenance workers are the undertakers. Gomez Balbontin employs a sunrise-hued color palette of washed-out pastel and neon shades, giving his work a dreamlike ambiance. Take a look at some of his recent work below.

Images via Jack Fischer Gallery.

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