The Intricate, Architectural Watercolor Paintings of Los Carpinteros

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Cuban artist collective Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters, in English) create large-scale watercolor paintings that are true to the group’s name. Rendered with architectural precision unusual for their medium, the paintings have a quietly surreal quality. Each work depicts an aggregation of objects — beach umbrellas drowning in a flood, lounge chairs arranged in a grid or, more ambitiously, architectural structures made from Legos — that appears eerie and odd without the sign of a human presence. The collective is comprised of Marco Antonio Castillo Valdés, Dagoberto Rodríguez Sánchez and Alexandre Jesús Arrechea Zambrano. The trio splits time between Havana and Madrid and also has a reportoire of installations and public works. Take a look at their paintings below.

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