Preview: Santiago Caruso’s “Pangenesis” at Copro Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Santiago Caruso’s paintings depict a world in decline. Ancient, mystical ways seem to have crossed over to the dark side, unleashing an apocalypse that has left all the figures in Caruso’s work in a state of skeletal decay, dismemberment and other undesirable fates. Caruso revels in dark rituals, rendering occult scenes with soft, muddled brush strokes that endow them with a smoky haze. His new work for his solo show, “Pangenesis,” opening tomorrow at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, contains a Bosch-ian sense of hellishness and chaos. “Pangenesis” will be on view November 9 through November 30. Take a look at a preview of the show below.

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