Preview: “Tetrachromatic” Group Show at Arch Enemy Arts

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

For their upcoming group show, “Tetrachromatic,” Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia invited a group of artists with penchants for a wild, vibrant use of color. From the surreal watercolor and ink paintings of Michael Michael Motorcycle to Erik Jones’s (HF Vol. 27 cover artist) Art Deco-influenced portraits, the show offers a wide scope of works. JoKa’s pointillistic paintings, painted using a toothpick as a brush, and French artist 100Taur’s science fiction-tinged creatures are also of note. The complete artist line-up includes: Erik Jones, Jel Ena, Ricky Watts, Peca, Eric Richardson, Sarah Danielle Stewart, Archer Dougherty, Steve Cleff, Colin Frangicetto, Joshua Mays, 100taur, Paul Romano, JoKa, and Michael Michael Motorcycle. “Tetrachromatic” goes from November 8 through December 1. Take a look at some of the work in the show below.

Erik Jones


Colin Frangicetto

Paul Romano

Sarah Danielle Stewart

Steve Cleff

Jel Ena


Ricky Watts

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