Preview: Eric White’s “All of This Has Not Occurred” at Martha Otero Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

In the 1960s, philosopher Guy Debord posited that there was no longer any authentic culture in the West because all of life had become mediated through images. Even the most mundane interactions, he said, had become imitations of what we see in advertising and movies. Eric White works off this premise in his upcoming solo show, “All of This Has Not Occurred,” opening at Martha Otero Gallery in LA this Saturday, November 9. A masterful draftsman and oil painter, White replicates the style of mid-20th-century commercial illustration, spinning the bold logos and happy, white faces into something hallucinatory and sinister. White refers to his work as Paranoid Social Realism, a realism that invites the viewers to question and distrust what they see. Take a look at a sneak peek of the work in the show below.


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