Preview: Gregory Euclide’s “Whose Land We Laid Down & Wiped Away”

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

In the summer of 2012, Gregory Euclide showed his “Laid Down & Wiped Away” series, a succession of drawings essentially finger-painted by Euclide using the marker residue on his classroom whiteboard. Euclide, a high school teacher and environmentalist in addition to being an accomplished artist, created these works as a way to push himself to be creative during his 25-minute lunch period. Now, Euclide is presenting a solo show, “Whose Land We Laid Down & Wiped Away” at StolenSpace Gallery in London, to deeper explore the intellectual underpinnings of the first series.

“When we dig from the Land everything we use to make something. When we put in the land everything we no longer want to know we made,” wrote Euclide in his artist statement for this show. The artfully-arranged assemblages, composed of detritus like plastic bags and fishing line, confront the viewer with the wastefulness of our materialistic society. “Whose Land We Laid Down & Wiped Away” opens November 7 and will be on view through December 1.

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