On View: Matthias Duwel’s “Spindrift” at Mirus Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Matthias Duwel’s high-velocity abstract work is the artist’s response to a world that seems to change before his eyes. “No sooner is a thing brand new, it is used up, dispensable,” says Duwel in his artist statement. In his paintings, geometric forms explode and coalesce before one’s eyes like an endless cycle of fission and fusion. Duwel recently opened a solo show at San Francisco’s Mirus Gallery titled “Spindrift.” The title of the show refers to the spray of an ocean wave. The cresting wave, says Duwel, is a metaphor for the human impulse to colonize and expand, our technological advances crashing down with environmental destruction. Take a look at some of Duwel’s new work below.

“Spindrift” is on view at Mirus Gallery through November 16.

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