On View: JR’s “Actions” at Lazarides Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Recently returned to Europe after traveling across the US for his “Inside Out Project,” JR opened his solo show, “Actions,” at Lazarides Gallery in London on October 11. “Actions” is a culmination of JR’s recent photography projects: Wrinkles of the City Project in Berlin (2013), a 2012 trip to North Korea and the Portrait of a Generation series (2004-2006) set in Les Bosquets, a rough neighborhood in Paris. JR’s mission to promote global understanding through his photography may seem like a lofty goal, but when viewing the photographs in this exhibit, a universal quality begins to take shape as one examines the nuanced facial expressions of his subjects. Their faces express something that cannot be put into words.

JR’s photography shows are never straightforward photography shows. This time, he wallpapered part of the gallery with large images, almost as if the spaces between the beams were portals into another world. JR will complete several public art pieces in continuation of his interactive “Inside Out Project” in London during the duration of “Actions,” which is on view through November 14. Take a look at some images from the show below.

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