Preview: Natalie Shau’s “Hide and Seek” at Dorothy Circus Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

With their cast of Lolitas with murderous gazes, Natalie Shau’s digital artworks are more tart than they are sweet. The pieces for her upcoming show, “Hide and Seek” at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, are all about the details — the billowing couture fabrics that envelope her heroines and the quietly enchanted elements of their enlivened environments. The regal ladies Shau renders appear delicate with their wispy bodies at a first glance, but as one examines the work closer, it becomes apparent that these characters weild an inexplicable, supernatural power. “Hide and Seek” is a decadent affair with a dramatic portraiture style evocative of fashion editorials (Shau also works as a commercial artist and photographer). The exhibition will be on view October 26 through November 30.

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