Simon Birch’s Hypnotic Paintings Capture Motion

by Amelia Taylor-HochbergPosted on

Mostly recognized for his kinetic oil-on-canvas pieces, Simon Birch’s vastly multi-mediated art tends towards the fantastical, constantly referencing the alternate realms of the digital, ephemeral, or just plain virtual. Painting, installation, sculpture, circus, photography, live tigers, film — all have come together in massive shows that accurately represent the near-manic vim and vigor in Birch’s practice.

Born and trained in the UK, Birch has exhibited work in Beijing, Singapore, Miami and Hong Kong, where he currently resides. His 2010 performance piece, Hope and Glory, divided a 20,000 sq ft space into 14 installations that echoed James Campbell’s hero myth structure, through an array of painting, sculpture, film, performance and photography. Take a look at Birch’s Series One (2012) paintings below (as they’re the only ones that’ll stand still).

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