Preview: David Cooley and Seth Armstrong at Thinkspace

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

This Saturday, October 5, Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City presents two solo shows: “Ignored Epiphany” by David Cooley and “Lovin’ Thy Neighbor” by Seth Armstrong. Known for his Op Art-influenced abstract compositions that employ resin, fabric and acrylic, David Cooley takes a new approach to his mixed-media works for this exhibition. He invokes human characters in his jewel-toned compositions, giving his viewers relatable personas through whom to navigate these hallucinatory oases.

In the project room, Seth Armstong’s solo show, “Lovin’ Thy Neighbor,” is a voyeuristic drama played out from a variety of vantage points. The structure of the work evokes a comic book, with the canvases serving as interrelated panels. Armstrong painted the exterior of a multi-story building with hazy brushstrokes and minimal detail, and then zeroed in on the different windows in the other paintings, showing the private moments of the unsuspecting characters’ lives.

Both “Ignored Epiphany” and “Lovin’ Thy Neighbor” will be on view at Thinkspace October 5 through October 26. Take a look at our previews of the two shows below.

David Cooley:

Seth Armstrong:

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