Hiroshige Fukuhara’s Breathtaking Monochromatic Artworks

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Hiroshige Fukuhara‘s drawings invite a quiet stillness. One must pause to look at the work as the eyes adjust to distinguish the multitudinous shapes subtly rendered in pencil over black gesso on panel. Hiroshige hides baroque flourishes and epic narratives within the blackness; tigers, horses and other powerful creatures are petrified mid bolt or mighty roar. Floral arrangements wrap around the figures like the ornamental flora in Renaissance paintings. Hiroshige Fukuhara is currently based in Tokyo and is represented by Ai Kowada Gallery. Take a look at some of Hiroshige’s work below.

Images courtesy of Hiroshige Fukuhara and Ai Kowada Gallery.

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