Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” in New York City

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

October 1, Manhattan

Just when you might have thought Banksy has pulled off every street art prank in the book, the artist launched a new project: an experimental art exhibition on the streets of New York that will go through the month of October. A new piece will be put up every night and posted on his website every morning. According to the website, accompanying each piece is an 800-number stenciled on the wall. When called, it plays a recording that sounds something like an audio guide at a museum — except with a wry sense of humor.

“Now let us pause for a moment to consider the deeper meaning of this work. Okay, that’s long enough…” says the automated-sounding male narrator of the first piece (above). “What exactly is the artist trying to say here? Is this a response to the a primal urge to take the tools of our oppression and turn them into mere playthings? Or perhaps it is a post-modern comment about how the signifiers of objects have become as real than the objects themselves. Are you kidding me? Who writes this stuff? Anyway, you decide. Really, please do, I have no idea.” The first piece of “Better Out Than In” was put up yesterday in Manhattan (and, according to Instagram comments on Banksy’s account, has already been buffed) and today’s work was in Westside. Banksy’s website only states the neighborhood of each piece and not the exact location, so, New York readers, keep your eyes pealed! You can also follow the Instagram account for the project, @banksyny, for updates.

October 2, Westside

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