Preview: “Tome Volume Two: Melancholia” at Last Rites Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

David Stoupakis

As the title suggests, the upcoming group show “Tome Volume Two: Melancholia” at Last Rites Gallery focuses on the low notes of human emotion. Though portraiture was not a requisite of the theme, many of the artists like Dan Quintana (HF Vol. 27), Erik Jones (HF Vol. 27 cover artist), David Stoupakis and Colin Christian chose to focus on isolated figures in despair.

Colin Christian’s new piece is especially harrowing. A large, Barbie-like head is affixed to the wall, typical of Christian, but this time her make-up is smeared and her eyes are red as if she just came out of a violent encounter. Quintana’s new work, a blend of sepia tones and brighter colors, interprets melancholia as meditative and ethereal. Other artists like Paul Booth (Last Rites owner and co-founder) and Richard A. Kirk went a more surreal route with work that hints at the visceral and grotesque elements that are beloved at Last Rites. “Tome Volume Two” opens tomorrow, September 28 and goes through October 19. Take a look at our preview of the show below.

Dan Quintana

Scott Radke

Erik Jones

Colin Christian

Paul Booth

Richard A. Kirk

Shane Pierce

Soey Milk

Jonathan Wayshak

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