Preview: “Unnatural Histories II” at Antler Gallery

by Scott BaileyPosted on

Brin Levinson

Whether inciting a search for fantastic creatures of stunning beauty or mapping warnings of ungodly beasts of terrifying size, non-existant animals are deeply-rooted in the history of the human imagination. The second annual “Unnatural Histories” show will open on Thursday, September 26, in Antler’s newly expanded North Portland gallery. The show features Josh Keyes, Heiko Muller, Amy Ruppel, Katherine Brannock, Aaron Jasinski, Brin Levinson, Lisa Ericson, Susannah Kelly, Jennifer Parks, Keith Carter, Jon MacNair, Neil M. Perry, Bijijoo, Wes Younie and Rachel Sabin displaying paintings, drawings and illustrations of fictional creatures. Some imagined and some inspired by folklore, these fauna will transform the gallery into a miniature museum of made-up zoology when displayed next to one-another. Take a look at our preview of the show below.

Aaron Jasinski

Amy Ruppel

Heiko Muller

Josh Keyes

Lisa Ericson

Katherine Brannock

Jon MacNair

Neil M. Perry

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