Opening Night: “Fauna” Group Show at Arch Enemy Arts

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Animals have traditionally been a major part of allegories — from biblical stories to Ancient Greek myths — because of the human impulse to empathize with other creatures and see ourselves in them. For their group show, “Fauna,” Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia chose artists who use animals as protagonists in their work. Featuring the work of Hannah Yata, Caitlin Hackett, Robert Kraiza, Cory Benhatzel and more, the show dabbles heavily in anthropomorphism in its depictions of nature. “Fauna” is on view through September 29. Check out these opening night photos courtesy of Maria Teicher below.

Hannah Yata

Sasha Yosselani

Robert Kraiza

Fashion designer Sophi Reaptress with artist Sheri DeBow

Caitlin Hackett

Artist Robert Kraiza with his wife, Theresa

Artist Zoe Williams viewing Robert Kraiza’s work

Cory Benhatzel

Artists Jeremy Hush and Buddy Nestor

Hannah Yata and friends

JoKa (artist), Brandi Krackass, Buddy Nestor (artist), Henry, Heather Gargon (FAUNA artist), Mike Wohlberg (artist)

Artists Cory Benhatzel and Scott Kirschner

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