Preview: “Buddy System” Group Show at Breeze Block Gallery

by Scott BaileyPosted on

Brendan Monroe

Portland’s Breeze Block Gallery has a knack for bringing together notable artists with very different styles and using the geometry of the layout to make the work show well together. For their upcoming group show “Buddy System,” artists like D*Face, Andrew Schoultz, Mark Dean Veca, Gary Taxali, Jessica Hess and Ben Venom (among a long list of others) each created two pieces (one 16 by 20 inches and one eight by eight) and then invited a “buddy” artist to create two pieces of the same dimensions (D*Face partnered with Word To Mother, Brendan Monroe with Anders Oinonen and Jessica Hess with David Young V). The result will be displayed as an eclectic grid of artwork from an unusual gathering of talent. “The Buddy System Invitational” opens this Thursday, September 5, at the Breeze Block Gallery in Portland.


Jessica Hess

Scott Listfield

Erin McSavaney

Gianluca Franzese

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