On View: Ian Johnson’s “A Ghost of a Chance” at Shooting Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

For his solo show “A Ghost of a Chance,” currently on view at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, Ian Johnson pays homage to the jazz culture of the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s with a series of abstracted portraits that play with geometry and pattern. Working primarily with acrylic and gouache on wood panel and, occasionally, ink and gouache on paper, Johnson deconstructs any semblance of traditional portraiture despite his penchant for photorealism. Monochromatic figures are painted inversely, like a photo negative, and organized amid symmetrical grids of lava-lamp colors and zig-zagging patterns. “A Ghost of a Chance” is on view through September 7, take a look at some of the work in the show below.

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