Preview: David Choe’s “Snowman Monkey BBQ” at Museo Universitario Del Chopo

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

David Choe is a wild card — or at least, judging by his public persona. Between his past trouble with the law, unabashed love of pornography and risky, albeit successful, Facebook investment that lead him to become one of the wealthiest artists in the world, Choe’s mystique hinges on keeping people on their toes. But that’s not to say the artist is all sensationalism — behind the controversial public figure is a painter with a unique vision that touches upon taboos and vices with an emotional sensibility and a sense of humor. The artist has not shown in four years, but this Saturday, August 17, he will premiere his latest solo show, “Snowman Monkey BBQ” at Museo Universitario Del Chopo in Mexico City.

“I been percolatin’, I was busy destroying myself like any decent artist,” said Choe of his absence from the art scene. “Four years of falling deep into addiction, heartbreak, rejoicing, discovery, recovery, hallucinogenics, worship and ignorant idiotic prophecies manifest and explode into a strange reality that I myself can’t comprehend, it will encompass murals, sculptures, watercolors, oil, mixed media and if you’re lucky and I’m fucked off this mezcal, maybe some performance art too!” The exhibition will be on view August 17 through October 17. Take a look at our preview of the show below, as well as some murals Choe has completed at Museo Universitario Del Chopo during the past couple of weeks.

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