Preview: Tran Nguyen and Jason Wheatley at Roq La Rue

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Tonight, Seattle’s Roq La Rue will premiere two solo shows, Tran Nguyen‘s “A Place Procured From Our Yesteryears” and Jason Wheatley’s “Osmosis.” Though Nguyen’s cool-hued, almost monochromatic artworks seem quite different from Wheatley’s color-saturated still lifes, the two artists share a common interest in exploring the sentimental nostalgia we tie to commonplace objects. Nguyen’s characters — beautiful, albeit giant young women lying on top of rows of houses — appear to grapple with the idea of finding a place to call home. Meanwhile, Wheatley paints accumulated objects to symbolize the collections we amass for memory’s sake; these delicate still lifes are disrupted by the presence of havoc-wreaking primates. Take a look at our preview of the two shows below and catch the exhibitions at Roq La Rue through August 31.

Tran Nguyen

Jason Wheatley:

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