Video: Sougwen Chung’s “Chairoscuro” Installation in Action

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

New York-based artist Sougwen Chung creates digital artworks and immersive installations based on the aggregated marks of her pens and pencils. Whether working with software or 3D media, drawing is at the foundation of her work. The marks Chung makes are organic and intuitive, stacking up repetitively like the cells of an organism. Her chosen color palette is always dark; the forms loom like a swelling tidal wave or a storm cloud. Chung recently created an installation at the Musee D’art Moderne et Contemporain Géneve in Geneva, Switzerland titled “Chiaroscuro.” Playing with light, shadow and sound (the work is complete with an original soundtrack), “Chiaroscuro” immerses the viewer in its shifting moods. While it is no longer on view, the installation was captured in a video. Watch below and check out some photos of the project.

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