Maiko Takeda’s Shadow Jewelry and Accessory Art

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

Tokyo-born artist Maiko Takeda works with shape, shadow, pattern, and light to create unique art pieces that are a mix of high fashion and art installations. Her series entitled Cinematography showcase the artist ability to use shadow in a completely unexpected way. This body of work is a collection of art that adorne her female models and cast detailed shadows onto the figures. To create the shadows Takeda incorporates silk screen and pierced metal which she has hand drilled thousands of holes into. The resulting shadows depicing cat faces, eyes, lips, and other symboles are worn as jewelry. Takeda is currently living in London where she created her latest work entitled Atmospheric Reentry. The porcupine quill inspired garments in this series are a collaborative effort with fashion designers Louise Bennetts and Nicola Jones. Photography of the work featured in this article is by photographer Byran Huynh.

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