Behind the Scenes with Adam Miller

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Twilight in Arcadia

Adam Miller (Hi-Fructose Vol. 26) paints the apocalypse with an airy touch of Romanticism. In his work, idyllic nudes are not mere eye candy, but rather symbols of escape from a corrupt society undergoing a catastrophic collapse. In his latest paintings, which are currently on view in Vered Gallery’s group show “Art on the Edge,” Miller writes a new chapter in his post-apocalyptic narrative. Titled Twilight in Arcadia and The Roses Never Bloomed So Red, the new works show the nude figures attacked by clothed hunters who appear to emerge from the world the nude figures tried to escape. For Twilight in Arcadia, artists Alexandra Pacula, Billy Norby and Martin Wittfooth posed as the hunters — a little wink to the attentive contemporary art fan.

“The drawing I made on the canvas is the first step, followed by a thin layer of paint that covered the drawing. Afterwards, I would build up white paint and wash in darks. When that was dry, I painted the painting piece by piece until it was finished and then added glazes and small details such as bugs, grasses, et cetera,” Miller described his painting process. The third painting in the series will debut at Copro Gallery’s 20th Anniversary group show in August. Check out these exclusive photos Miller sent over of his painting process from start to finish to get some insight into how he creates these large-scale works.

The Roses Never Bloomed so Red process:

Initial drawing of the third piece in the series, not yet titled

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