On View: Nick Cave’s “Sojourn” and “Second Skin” at the Denver Art Museum

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Interdisciplinary artist Nick Cave — known for his wearable sculptures called “soundsuits” featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 20 — recently opened his solo exhibition, “Sojourn,” at the Denver Art Museum. The exhibition’s title is perhaps a nod to the transformative powers of the soundsuit, which is said to psychologically transport its wearer to a realm of fantasy beyond the limitations of the human body. While Cave’s previous work has been vibrantly textured and colorful, for part of “Sojourn,” he opts for a galactic theme, presenting metallic and bejeweled soundsuits reminiscent of disco balls and sci-fi space shuttles. The colorful and furry suits are also present, adorned with floral patterns and even tree branch structures built up around the sculptures.

In conjunction with “Sojourn,” Nick Cave and Bob Faust collaboratively designed an interactive exhibition titled “Second Skin.” The family-friendly counterpart of “Sojourn,” “Second Skin” invites viewers to decorate their own soundsuits with felt ornaments. Take a look at some photos from “Sojourn” and “Second Skin,” images courtesy of the Denver Art Museum. The exhibitions will be on view through September 22.

“Second Skin” exhibition designed by Nick Cave and Bob Faust:

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