Preview: Allison “Hueman” Torneros’s “Ritual” at Think Tank Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Interested in how the creative process can function as a personal ritual, Allison “Hueman” Torneros followed a number of her favorite creatives (a break dancer, R&B singer-songwriter, wood sculptor and street artist number among the 10-12 artists) to observe how each individual gets into the zone and taps into his or her creative side. Following a month of observation, Torneros went into self-imposed exile in L.A.’s Think Tank Gallery for two weeks and immersed herself in her own creative ritual. The result is a site-specific installation that spans the entirety of the gallery’s industrial warehouse space. “Ritual” opens July 11 and will be on view through July 27. Take a look at some photos of Allison Tornernos at work on her installation, photos by Todd Mazer.

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